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Body Piercing Prices

NEW 2014 Body Piercing Prices

NEW 2014 Body Piercing Prices

SPECIAL BODY PIERCING PRICES FOR 2014! Most piercings are just $30. When you buy one piercing for $30 you have the option of getting a second piercing for just $10 and a third for only $10 more! Please call (503) 669-4191 for details. All piercings include jewelry and free jewelry changing. Discounts on additional piercings must be done on SAME PERSON.

Piercing Price Includes
Conch, Rook, or Tragus $30 barbell or bead ring
Ear Cartilage $30 bead ring, stud or barbell
Ear Lobe $30 includes stud, ring or circular barbell

$30 bead ring or curved barbell

Call for pricing – (503) 669-4191 jewelry
Industrial (barbell thru 2 holes in cartilage)

$30 barbell plus extra set of balls

$30 bead ring or labret stud

$30 bead ring or stud
Micro Dermal Implant

$40 for one, $25 for the second, and $30 for each additional dermal anchor jewelry plus FREE bottle H2Ocean

$30 labret stud and extra ball

$30 double jeweled curved barbell

$30 ring or barbell

$30 nostril screw and extra jewelry

$30 2 extra acrylic balls